2018 Audi A4 TFSI – Petrol

2018 Audi A4 TFSI – Petrol

2018 Audi A4 – TFSI Engine – 9000 miles

Audi-A4-TFSI-Engine-CleanA nice new out of the box Audi A4 with only 9000 miles on the clock was booked in for an Engine Clean after the owner had heard about the results our process gets.

With no known issues the vehicle ran as you would expect from a new vehicle, so would an Engine Clean work? Keep reading to find out!

All vehicle that are booked in for the Engine Clean service see our Techs first complete a series of inspections, helping to get a picture of the over all health of the vehicle. Once these checks have been completed and the vehicle is deemed safe to work on its then hooked up to the Engine Clean machine to work its magic.

Our UK designed and built machines create a pure fuel and an additional boost of oxygen to the combustion chamber which results in a reduction of carbon deposits within the engine and immediate exhaust pathways resulting in;

  • Regained performance and drivability
  • More MPG*
  • Reduction or removal of smoke
  • Reduction or removal of lag
  • Contributes to the engine breathing better
  • Quieter Engines

Back to the A4! 40 mins after first starting the process and with monitoring the vehicle throughout it was time to remove the Engine Clean machine and get the vehicle ready for the test drive and final inspections.

The customer noticed that the vehicle sounded better and felt a little lighter and smoother to drive, as this was more his wife’s vehicle to drive he was happy with the results and the care taken with his vehicle throughout the service.

** Update ** The customer has contacted us back and said that after his wife droved the vehicle she has also commented on how smooth the vehicle now feels to drive and the engine sounds quieter and like its not working as hard. Even the customer children have commened on how this nearly new car sounds better and all from our proven 40 min Engine Clean process.

Find out more information at www.facebook.com/yourengineclean

Call the Booking Line on 0161 222 4643

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