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Common Engine Problems can be resolved with this new revolutionary service taking the UK by storm. Engine Clean effectively and safely removes the carbon and tar build up from within your vehicle’s engine using some very simple science.

If your car is over 2 years old or your vehicle has gone into limp mode, smoking excessively hot or cold start problems or if its a new car you would like to run in its best condition then an Engine Clean may well be for you.

As well as increasing MPG and throttle response we also help do our bit for the environment with the reduction of Co2 emissions by up to 64% in some cases. Our process works on both petrol and diesel engines alike.

Engine Clean Improves your vehicles Performance


The average car takes 45 mins – 1 hour. Very small cars right through to Audi RS’s, Rangerovers and AMG’s have benefited from an Engine Clean.


Workhorses come in all shapes and sizes and at Engine Clean the trades loved the results.Small vans to large one take between 45 mins – 1.5 hours


Always looking for that little more power or just to keep on top of maintenance and Engine Clean can help. The majority of bikes take around 30 mins


That extra pulling power and more squeezing more MPG is here after and Engine Clean. Ensuring the engine is in the best condition it can be.An Engine Clean takes around 1 hour – 1.5 hours


Reliablility and efficiency are what is needed from buses and after an Engine Clean people know their vehicles sound and run better with lower emissions and there is a boost to the MPG. Buses take around 1 – 2 hours to be completed up to 6 ltrs


If your Engine Management Lights have come on or you have just picked up a used car and would like that extra piece of mind then we can help. Message us now for an instant quote

How It Works

Combustion Basics


engine clean combustion triangle basics

Highschool pupils learn about complete combustion and how this is created with a pure fuel, pure oxygen source and an ingnition (heat source). The end result is the complete combustion with no exhust gases as the fuel has completely released all its energy in an efficient manner. The chemical reaction produced from this complete combusion is water vapour.

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Only 35% Effiency? Really?


engine clean combustion engine inefficent

The majority of road users think their vehicle is efficiently burning fuel when in a lot of cases the efficiency of your vehicle is only around 35% as it can never achieve a complete burn. This is because the fuel, Petrol / Diesel we use in our vehicles isn’t a pure fuel. Moving on to the oxygen our engines take in, again this isn’t pure as the air we breathe is only around on average 20.3% Oxygen and the rest is made up of around 78% nitrogen and fractional amount of argon gas, carbon dioxide, neon and helium. Mix this with the great idea of the EGR valve pumping exhaust gases rich in carbons,tars and other nasties straight back into the combustion chamber it’s no wonder your vehicles start to have show age related problems in a short period of time. This problem is compounded with city, short run driving, however even the big runners that do thousands of miles a year don’t get away with it as its an inherent problem we have been lumbered with.

There are various methods used to try and combat the build up, after doing extensive research and development Engine Clean has found a safe and effective method of removal of these build ups in your engine that will cause such problems as, excessive fuel use, noisy engine, smoking, cold / warm start issues, lack of power and much more.There is a very simple solution to this, move on to the simple science section for more info.

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Engine Clean why it work


Engine clean how it works hho

Our simple science solution to the common problems affecting both petrol and diesel drivers like has been tried and tested with guaranteed results every time.

Using a process called electrolysis we generate on-demand a pure fuel source and oxygen source, this is safely connected to your vehicle and feed through the air intake. Allowing the engine to get a more complete combustion over the course of the process allows the vehicle to burn off and safely remove the deposits of tar and carbons built up over the years. The Engine Clean process is carbon neutral so unlike some other methods Engine Clean is suitable before or straight after a service*.

*Service – Although our process can be done at any time, before/ after or in-between a service it is the owners responsibility to have carried out maintenance work such as cambelt replacements etc as our system only cleans the internal parts of the engine and will not replace the need to replace worn or broken parts or that of an annual service.

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Inspection and Diagnostics


Safety inspection including obd readings

To ensure that the vehicle is suitable for the process and to identify any potential problems before we commence and work we undertake a number of initial safety checks and inspection.

These checks include visual inspection looking for leaks, broken or worn pipes and other things that may look out of place. We also review the car’s sensors on our live data computer and check for common faults. These checks help our techs compare the current vehicle to that of other similar vehicles we have worked on to ensure that every customer has guaranteed results every time.

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Check and Start


 Commencing the engine carbon cleaning process

After all safety inspections have been carried out by our Tech, they will have already take a number of images of the vehicle as a record of the condition of the engine and placements of covers etc within the engine bay.

When the Tech is happy they will carefully find the simplest method of insertion of our machines outward pipe. After this has been connected final checks are made before our Engine Clean machine and your vehicle are turned on.


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 Monitoring the engine clean

Throughout the whole process our Tech’s check the temperature of the vehicle, monitor its Revs and its air in take. The revs are set by our peddle depressor which allows our Tech to apply a chosen amount of pressure to the accelerator monitor as the revs rise or fall throughout the process.

This monitoring throughout means that our each of our techs follow the same process on every vehicle everytime ensuring the same results every time for every customer.

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Final Stages


 Final stages before testdrive of Engine Clean

After our Tech is happy that the process has been fully completed they do final checks on the vehicles, which includes final computer checks and visual inspections.

All pipes from our machine are removed and we check over the vehicles engine bay with the initial images. All equiptment is packed away and we show our customers the bay to confirm everything is tight and as it should be before the test drive.

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Test Drive


 Test drive after the carbon has been removed

The exciting part, after around 40 mins in most cases its time for a test drive.

The effects for most customers are instant, however it has been noted on some models that the effects can take a round 30 miles of driving. Nearly every customer reports a quieter engine, lower idle, increased throttle response, smoother gear changes, more power and an increase MPG.

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Video of The Week

Get more performance with

With your engine being able to breathe better, on the majority of vehicles, our customers have seen an improvement in MPG within the range of 5-15% which depending on your vehicle is as low as 1.2 increase and as much as a massive 8 MPG increase.

This is dependant on your driving style, journeys run and overall condition of the vehicle.

Just like a heavy smoker with all that build up in your vehicle’s internal parts it’s going to have an effect on the performance of those components which start to show wear and start to fail.

Having an Engine Clean removes this build-up and gives your vehicle a new lease of life. Customer have noted the quieter engines, but what our techs have seen is lower idle and vehicles using fewer revs to get to speed than before which all in all leads to your vehicle not having to use as much fuel or work as hard.

With your need cleaner engine, your vehicle will also have some great additional benefits such as increase throttle response, smoother gear transition and an overall improved driving experience.

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